Sylvain Henry wins iSTEP logo competition



PHILIPSBURG – Sylvain Henry of the Seventh Day Adventist School is the winner of the iSTEP logo competition, and has won himself an Apple IPad.

Henry, who wants to be an animator, amongst other feats when he grows up, is a vibrant 6th grader who admits that at first he was intimidated to enter the competition, but with the support of his family and a lot of hard work he was able to submit his winning artwork.

A total of 18 submissions from various age groups and schools were judged by a panel of judges that comprised of two iSTEP team members, PRO of Minister Jacobs’ Cabinet, La Rich of Funtopia and Piet Valies of DWorks Graphics Design. The judging panel was very impressed with the creativity of all the artwork submitted, which made judging the competition even harder. The judging panel and the iSTEP team were so impressed that they decided to also honor the second and third place entries as well.

To commemorate the hard work of the youngsters and to officially unveil the final version of the logo, a ceremony was held in the press briefing room at the Government Administration Building. The winners along with their families and school representatives were all in attendance.

L-R: Georgianne Adriana-Henriquez, Sharon Mornan-Cangieter, Ricardo Phang, Minister Jacobs, Sylvain Henry, Elize Augusma and iSTEP project manager Janelle Presentacion

Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs addressed the winners and encouraged them to continue being creative. She was impressed with the work displayed by the three young men and encouraged them to never give up on their dreams. “Continue to strive and use your talents for the betterment of your education and your future,” Minister Jacobs added.

Both second and third place winners showed their artwork and gave a brief speech about their future ambitions and their thought process when creating their logos. A video interview with the winner was also shown where everyone in attendance got to learn more about Henry, his family, his school and his thought process while he was creating the winning logo.

Once the video presentation was completed, Minister Jacobs officially unveiled the logo, which was well received by all in attendance, especially the winner Henry. Minister Jacobs also presented the three young men with their certificates to pick up their prizes and thanked Klass Electronics for co-sponsoring the IPad prize for the winner.

It was also announced that the winning Seventh Day Adventist School, will receive an Apple IPad and an Apple TV. School representatives in attendance erupted in joyful cheers at the news.

Minister Jacobs and the iSTEP team took the opportunity to thank all the students (and their schools) that submitted logo entries and encouraged them to keep up the great work and continue being creative.

iSTEP is a government initiative that focuses on the integration of ICT in the classrooms and goes beyond just the implementation of tablets, but also other ICT devices and accessories that promote 21st century learning.

For more information on iSTEP, email the team at or call Project Manager Janelle Presentacion at 542-4594. To keep up to date with iSTEP activities, like the Facebook page iSTEP SXM.