RAPF bids farewell to Detective Constable Amethyst Saunders

Detective Constable Amethyst Saunders of the Royal Anguilla Police Force


ANGUILLA — Detective Constable Amethyst Saunders of the Royal Anguilla Police Force retires after 35 years of policing.

Saunders who joined the Royal Anguilla Police Force on the 1st of March, 1987, did so after completing five years of service in the Royal St. Christopher/Nevis Police Force where she started her policing career on the 23rd March, 1982 upon completing her initial police training.

Constable Saunders worked in several Departments of the Royal Anguilla Police Force which included Beat and Patrol, Communication, Administration, Traffic, Crime Intelligence Unit & Interpol, Prosecution, Out Station (Blowing Point & Sandy Ground Police Station) and the Criminal Investigation Department.

She also benefitted from several overseas courses such as Senior Constable General Duties, Sexual Offences, Border Enforcement & Observation Techniques as well as many local courses and Workshops.  Constable Saunders also founded the once popular Royal Anguilla Police Force Drama Group which at the time of its existence served as a catalyst for police public relations.

“I am thankful to God Almighty for the strength, perseverance and endurance and for bringing me safely on this long journey in my policing career,” said Constable Saunders.  “To the Past and present Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Supervisors and other senior managers I am thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to serve and for the experiences gained over the years and most importantly for the discipline instilled in me that has molded  me into the person I am today.”

Commissioner of Police Mr. Paul Morrison and other ranks of the Royal Anguilla Police Force wished Detective Constable Amethyst Saunders a very productive retirement.

Constable Saunders retirement is effective Wednesday 1st March, 2017.