Police conduct raids/ shot fired

Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson


FORT WILLEM, Sint Maarten — Based on information in regard to two separate ongoing investigations, two separate house searches was done by the police Arrest Team at Fort Willem on Thursday March 9th 2017 at 05.00 a.m.  As the Police Arrest team was about to gain entrance into the first house a shot was fired at the officers from the inside of the house.

No-one was injured and no gunfire was returned by police. Nevertheless the Arrest Team gained access into the house and arrested one suspect with initials C.C.P.  A search of that house followed at which time a firearm, ammunition and illegal drugs were found and confiscated for further investigation.

There were no incidents at the second house search, however one suspect with initials J.D.O.C. (19) was arrested and taken into custody for further investigation.

The Police Department today, because of their well trained and professional officers were able to resolve a very dangerous situation without any loss of life after shots were fired at officers carrying out an operation.

While this situation was defused without the use of deadly force, the Police Department would like to warn the public that officers are prepared and will react if necessary with all means given to them by the law where necessary and will be taking a zero tolerance approach to criminals who shoot at police officers.

The department also applauds our task force who exercised their training and brought a situation under control this morning which could have ended very tragically.