Minister Gibson on screening Central Bank candidates



PHILIPSBURG – Minister of Finance Richard Gibson Sr. gave a very brief report in Wednesday’s, March 22, Council of Ministers Press Briefing.

He talked about screening for certain positions, which “are deemed by the law to be confidential positions and whoever is appointed to occupy them is subject to a screening process, and the screening process requires that they have to pass the screening process. If not they cannot be appointed.”

“With that in mind, we had discovered that the Directors of the Central Bank, who were Managing Directors, as well as the President the Central Bank, had never been screened before, so that was picked up and the screening process for them was sorted,” Minister Gibson reported.

“Two of the Managing Directors of Central Bank passed the screening. One did not and the one who did not is Mr. Tromp. As a result of that Mr. Tromp will not be able to occupy this position. He has the ability to file an appeal against the final decision. So that has be awaited,” the Minister further said.

“But it leaves us confronted with the following situation: the two Managing Directors who passed the screening, one will be, because of his age, up for retirement the middle of this year, and the next one will also be retirement age at the end of this year,” he continued.

“It means that we have to embark on a search for Managing Directors and a President for the Central Bank, which is not an easy task. But we have discussed this and the  Minister of Finance of Curaçao, and myself are starting the process to make certain that the Central Bank will have people at the top run the bank who are capable,” the Minister stated.