Dutch Marines at MPC



SOUTH REWARD – On Tuesday, March 21, the Corps Dutch Marines will be visiting Milton Peters College (MPC). They will give demonstrations of their work and provide students from MPC and Sundial School with information.

The Dutch Marines will showcase in 3 cycles different sessions of what their work is all about. The first session is a static display of their equipment, including machinery, weapons and means of transportation.

The second session will be a demonstration of the work of the marines in full action. Thirdly, the marines will give a lecture to students about their job, responsibilities and their contribution to society. They will also be informing the students on the possibilities of joining the army, the coastguard or the VKS.

The groups of students that will attend the sessions are mainly 2nd and 3rd formers. However, they will also be available to speak and answer questions from the other students.

Later this week, the Dutch marines, in close collaboration with students of both schools will do a beach clean-up in order to show that a clean living environment is a joint responsibility.