UTS installs indoor solution at airport

one of the indoor wireless antenna’s installed in the terminal building


Enhanced coverage

UTS, with the blessing of princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA), completed the install of an indoor wireless solution to offer enhanced mobile coverage to its Chippie customers as well as for visitors of the airport. The newly installed equipment provides full coverage of the entire airport to provide voice service as well as high speed mobile data connectivity.

Indoor mobile solutions are used in larger buildings and properties to provide enhanced service in the interior spaces; especially for buildings with a high concentration of people such as airports, stadiums and malls the solutions are used to offer maximum connectivity.

The solution at the airport will provide data service using the company’s lightning-fast 4G LTE technology, allowing for maximal compatibility with the many different kinds of smartphone devices of travelers.

UTS and airport installation teams

Convenience to the traveler

Connectivity during any type of travel has become vital to passengers. Whether arriving, departing or in transit, the phone is a means of staying in touch, a source of entertainment and a way to stay abreast of your itinerary.

“PJIAE appreciates UTS’ efforts in ensuring SXM airport community is properly connected and that the today visitor, passenger’s demands are met. Today’s traveler expectation with regard to technology is high and part of SXM airport strategy is to ensure that the passenger is equipped and has that level of independence and is fully informed at all stages during their travel.” says CEO of PJIA,  Mr Larry Donker

Smooth installation

“The benefits are not only for the visiting traveler of course. Many of our Chippie customers work at our airport or visit the airport on a day-to-day basis to conduct their business and they will of course also enjoy the coverage enhancements. In addition to the data speed improvements, the newly launched solution also improves the quality of the CHIPPIE coverage for voice calls throughout the airport terminal building. ” says UTS CEO, Glen Carty.

“We would like to thank management and technical staff of PJIA for their tremendous cooperation in realizing this project. This has allowed us to complete the install and turn on the equipment on schedule, making it possible to offer this service enhancement to travelers and locals as soon as possible. I must also commend our UTS technicians for their hard work and dedication to getting things done in the interest of better serving our customers. I appreciate their teamwork and the commitment to ‘getting things done’. UTS commits to an ongoing partnership with the PJIA to continue to enhance the telecom technology for the travelers, visitors and staff.” Carty continues.