Update InselAir operations


Update on InselAir flights
The inspections by the Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba (DCA) on 3 of our aircraft is directly impacting our operations (press release). We realize that this is a very unpleasant experience for our passengers and for our staff and we are doing our utmost to resolve this matter as quickly as possible. However, at this moment we do not have a specific date and/or time when we will be fully operational again. In cooperation with DCA we trust to have our aircraft back in the air again shortly.

Fokker 50 and 70 operational
The inspections do not concern our Fokker 50 and Fokker 70 aircraft; these flights are operational according to the regular schedule. Fights from Curacao to Sint Maarten (and v.v.) are, in absence of 3 of our MD type of aircraft, being operated by Dominican Wings (wet lease) and flights from Curacao to Miami (and v.v.) are being operated by Swiftair.

Information for our passengers
Passenger who are affected will be contacted by our Customer Care Agents via:
1. the email address or phone number provided upon reservation/booking
2. www.fly-inselair.com at the Flight Status section
3. our staff on the airport of your departure
4. the travel agent through which you purchased your ticket

In case you did not provide any contact details upon your reservation/booking, we advise you to contact InselAir via the contact details below.
How can I contact InselAir?
  • Contact Center Aruba: (Mon – Fri 7AM – 8PM/Sat – Sun 8AM – 8PM ) +297 582 1200
  • Contact Center Curaçao: (Mon – Fri 7AM – 8PM/Sat – Sun 8AM – 8PM ) +599 9 737 0444
  • Contact Center USA: (Mon – Fri 7AM – 8PM/Sat – Sun 8AM – 8PM ) +1 855 493 6004
  • Contact Center Venezuela: (Mon – Fri 7AM – 8PM/Sat – Sun 8AM – 8PM ) +58 212 720 4787

Contact us via our Customer Service form
Contact us via email: schedulechange@fly-inselair.com

All times are UTC/GMT-4  local time.