TPI announces accredited trainings for professional development weeks



SIMPSON BAY – Training Professionals International Firm (TPI) is proud to present Professional Development Training Weeks SXM March 6 -10 and April 10-14, at the Westin St. Maarten Dawn Beach.

SXM’s Professional Development weeks have been designed with St. Maarten’s neighboring islands and the Caribbean’s business and hospitality professionals at the helm. TPI believes and understands that in order for the Caribbean at large to enhance customer service relations, “our largest and prize resource, travel and tourism our firm must take the lead and educate our people,” TPI said in a release.

TPI is taking a significant stance during the two weeks to ensure that all participants receive “accredited” trainings with global value and international recognition. “We are encouraging members of the community, businesses and organizations throughout the Caribbean to immediately abort the idea that a training is good just because it is being offered,” the release continued.

TPI advocates that a training is only valuable, when it is accredited and the content of the curriculum has been reviewed and approved utilizing high industry standards by a respected governing body.

“All of TPI’s trainings are accredited and we are a proud member of The Professional Development Service (CPD). We respect our clients and understand that their careers may take them out of the country. With that being said, they need certifications that will travel with them and prepare them for high level positions that respect their professional development achievements. Trainings that are not accredited have no value and employers are not required to accept them as a contributing factor to professionals’ resumes or as compliments to professionals work history,” the release said.

Businesses and participants who do not understand the value of accredited trainings are still enrolling their valued team members in trainings that have no value, wasting work hours and company time, learning concepts that are old and outdated and paying for certificates that are just pieces of paper, with no significant value outside of the country. TPI is asking the community to ask one question before enrolling in any courses or trainings, “Is this training or course accredited?”

The Professional Development Weeks will offer 1 and 2-day trainings, integrated with current best practices, that provide professionals with current tools, trends, skills, characteristics and competencies to be successful in their organizations or in organizations globally.

Trainings that will be offered are Management & Leadership, Customer Service Best Practices, Supervisory Training, Supervisory Refresher Course, Business Writing, Conflict Resolution and Time Management. The cost of a two-day certified training is $999 and the cost of a 1-day training is $599. All trainings include lunch and are “accredited.”

President and CEO of TPI Dr. Natasha J. Gittens stated:  “We are committed to offering the best training and courses to our valued clients. We believe if it’s not accredited it’s not worth offering, it’s just that simple.”

For more information on the Professional Development Weeks contact: or call 526-2050/2052. Registrations start on February 13 and end on March 1 and April 5. Follow TPI on Twitter @ TPI_SXM or visit us online @