TelEm Group says automatic equipment shutdown responsible for interrupted services Monday


Pond Island TelEm Group says a team of Engineers and Technicians were quick to identify and correct faulty equipment at the Earth Station on Pond Island limiting an interruption in service to two and half hours.

The alarm was raised at approximately 5:00 pm Monday evening when reports began to arrive of disconnected internet, mobile and leased line services.

Personnel familiar with outages of this kind were quickly mobilized and began troubleshooting immediately to determine what the problem was.

According to TelEm Group Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Mr. Eldert Louisa, the problem was traced to a faulty node (equipment connection point) that had apparently tripped, causing other sensitive electronic equipment to shut off as a safety measure to safeguard against extensive equipment damage.

“Once the faulty node was identified there is a process of restoration that involves reconnecting all the nodes in the network until a connection ring is re-established as it was at approximately 7:30 this evening,” explained Mr. Louisa.

Mr. Louisa apologized to the general public for the outage, but meantime praised the call-out team for the combined effort to identify and restore all services as quickly as possible.

The CTO said technicians will continue to monitor the restored network which up until 8:00 pm this evening was functioning normally.