TelEm Group new CEO Kendall Dupersoy takes office

TelEm Group Supervisory Board of Directors, Vice-Chairman Paul Marshall (2nd left) and fellow board member Stephen Constance (3rd left) were part of a welcoming committee, including Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)(left) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO)Eldert Louisa (not seen in picture) to welcome in new CEO Kendall Dupersoy (center) on his first day in office, Wednesday.


POND ISLANDTelEm Group’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kendall Dupersoy, officially took office in the company’s main building on Pond Island Wednesday morning, February 1, where he was greeted by a welcoming party of Supervisory Board and Management Board members.

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Directors Paul Marshall, delivered the official introductory remarks followed by a short response by the new CEO, who was also welcomed in by board member Stephen Constance, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Brian Mingo and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Eldert Louisa. Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Helma Etnel, who was away on business Wednesday, sent a personal message of welcome to Dupersoy in her absence.

Marshall said a closed door introductory meeting was held with Dupersoy during which pledges were made for good working relations, especially in support of the new CEO’s vision for the company going forward.

“There is a stress on building a good team as we move forward,” said Marshall. Dupersoy said no major decisions or changes will be made on the outset without proper input from the Supervisory Board of Directors noting early that as a former board member he understands well that collaboration between Executive management and board is most important.

Also important is communication with managers in various departments within the TelEm Group organization and the new CEO says he will be wasting no time in meeting with managers to find out what they are busy with and what assistance they need from other departments. He will also listen for any advice they might have to give him as he prepares a long-term plan of action for the company.

Dupersoy reminded that he is no stranger to many of the personnel of TelEm Group, having been a former manager of the company’s first internet provider TelNet and also because of a six-year tenure as a member of the Supervisory Board of Directors.

“I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with everyone and meeting some of the new blood who have joined the company since I was last here,” continued, the new CEO.

Dupersoy kicked of his first day with visits to the Technical and Commercial Departments where he met with managers and staff who also welcomed him into the company and wished him well.

He will be conducting similar visits, both casual and more formal in all departments and to all TelEm Group locations in the coming weeks.