Rights & Obligations of ZV insured explained at Info Session



PHILIPSBURG – Social & Health Insurances SZV hosted a well-attended information session explaining the rights and obligations of the Sickness Insurance Ordinance (ZV), Thursday evening, February 23, at the University of St. Martin (USM).

Discussions went on up to 9:00 pm as approximately 60 persons filled the conference room of USM. Insured, seniors, union representatives, social workers and formerly employed persons were present, seeking information on medical insurance qualifications and compliance procedures. The information session was successful as questions were answered on the rights, obligations and procedures of the ZV Insured. The presentation of the information session will be available on the website of SZV www.szv.sx.

“When are you entitled to medical insurance from SZV? How do you get this, especially when your employer does not cooperate?” These were the type of questions we received yesterday evening. “If you are working 5 or 6 days and earning a wage under the maximum wage limit, you qualify for sickness insurance at SZV. At SZV, the law is clear about this and we urge employers to be compliant but also urge employees to get familiar with their rights and administrative obligations.” We gathered a good bit of questions during the session that we will have to follow-up on. We will also use these inquires to improve on the information resources that we are working on,” Organizers said.

In the presentation, SZV highlighted general information of the Sickness Insurance Ordinance, which included the procedures of control with the SZV doctor when unfit for work, maternity leave, the right to sick-leave pay via employer, the right and procedures to appeal official SZV decisions and important administrative obligations such as maintaining valid identification and employment records at SZV.

“The discussions that took place at the information session yesterday evening confirms that we have started on the right path, but we need to continue and do more. We will take all the necessary measures to ensure that we inform and educate our customers and the public on their rights and obligations. You will hear us speak about this often this year because it is important,” said Director SZV Glen A. Carty.

The plans of SZV as it relates to improving customer service were also presented. The premise being to create a hassle-free customer experience by providing ease of access to information, professional assistance and an increase in online services. The medical coverage overview of the Sickness Insurance was officially launched and presented during the session as well. The overview is available for download on the SZV website www.szv.sx.

This information session was the first of a series of events that SZV will be hosting throughout the year with the aim of educating and informing the public and its customers on their rights and obligations as it pertains to the services of SZV.

On March 25, SZV will also be at the annual Lion Rudy Hoeve Health & Wellness Fair hosting informative sessions on the general rights and obligations of the insured.