“Papegaai” investigation will take place on March 14.

Sint Maarten Courthouse


Prosecutor’s Office Bulletin

PHILIPSBURG – The criminal proceedings in the “Papegaai” investigation will take place on March 14.

The trial that had to take place today was postponed after one of the defense lawyers indicated that she was not prepared to deal with the court case because she was under the assumption that one witness still had to be heard.

The judge indicated that it’s not reasonable to assume anymore that the witness will be found. The judge rejected the latest request by the lawyer for the witness to be heard.

The four suspects: M.P, D.E. C.P, J.R. and A.R., in the Papegaai investigation are suspected of human trafficking, illegal restraint, illegal firearm possession and tax evasion, which took place between 2010 and 2015 at the Casa Blanca brothel.