Nerissa Golden Releases First Romance Novel, Love’s Sweet Joy



Love’s Sweet Joy, the first novel by author and media strategist Nerissa Golden has been released.

Set on Montserrat, the 240-page book is the first in the Return to Love series, which chronicles the journey of four female entrepreneurs, who find love as they make their contributions to redeveloping the island.

“I’ve wanted to explore this genre for a long time. My work has been mostly in self-help and business but my true love is fiction,” shared Golden. “Novels help me to write the version of the world I want to see around me. Maybe a bit idealistic but very doable and certainly with a happy ending.”

As one of the region’s leading entrepreneur advocates, Love’s Sweet Joy is another way for Golden to encourage those already on the journey and others who are still considering whether they should start their own business. blogger and author Eva Wilson said “I was moved by the genuine affection that the characters have for each other and for the island of Montserrat with all of its beauty, challenges, and tragedy.  While the attraction between the two main characters is captivating, the island’s power to attract and heal its sons and daughters is equally as enchanting.”

Love’s Sweet Joy is an engaging novel with all the ingredients I like in a good book. It blends romance, business and inspiration in a satisfying and delightful package. It makes me want to visit Montserrat and experience it for myself,” fellow romance novelist Donna Every said.

Love’s Sweet Joy is available on Kindle and in print on and on

Nerissa currently resides on Montserrat.