Gendarmerie and Dutch Police emergency services collaboration

Dealing with the agreements between the Government of French Républic and Government of Netherlands concerning island cooperation in terms of police and judicial cooperation matters in Saint Martin, signed in Paris, October 7, 2010.


SAINT MARTIN/ST. MAARTEN – On Wednesday, February 8, early in the afternoon, Sébastien Manzoni, the Compagny commander of St. Martin and St. Barthelemy received a visit from representatives of the Dutch police, on the occasion of a working project of inter-border police collaboration, in the Operation center of St. Martin’s gendarmerie (COG).

On February 3, a previous visit had been made by Gendarmes to the Dispatch Center of Dutch side police.

After a general presentation of the department, and demonstration of the computing equipment gendarmique, it was directly tested in English, the communication with both emergency centers, under the terms of one: “911 dispatch! 911 dispatch from Gendarmerie!” with the radio line specially dedicated to them.

The aim is to fight against criminality, in respect of the application of the articles mentioned in the Decree of n°2015-1270 on October, 13, 2015*.

In the interest of efficiency, when reporting offences or blatant crimes like, armed robbery, murder, assault, or theft of vehicles, this new process allows for communication and exchange to take place in English. Immediately any description of law violators or vehicles, is spread to the other territories including the necessary means for their arrest.