Gag order issued to civil servants by COM

Acting Prime Minister Rafael Boasman and the Council of Ministers (COM).


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Deputy Prime Minister of St. Maarten, Rafael Boasman has issued a letter to all Secretary Generals, Department Heads and other relevant civil servants not to meet with the newly appointed Dutch Quarter Master Hans Leijtens who has been charged with setting up an Integrity Chamber for St. Maarten. A unanimous motion has recently been passed by the Parliament of St. Maarten condemning the formation of a St. Maarten Integrity Chamber.

It is considered that the Constitutional Court found the legislation to establish an Integrity Chamber for St. Maarten unconstitutional, because it violates the rights of the citizens of St. Maarten. The motion passed by Parliament furthermore urges government not to pursue the establishment of an Integrity Chamber for St. Maarten and condemned the decision taken by the Dutch Minister of Home Affairs & Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk to appoint a Dutch Quarter Master for the Integrity Chamber.

The Council of Ministers of St. Maarten has decided to adopt this motion, and the necessary preparatory steps are being undertaken to present an overview on the status of and compliance on the recommendations of the integrity matters as reported in the various integrity investigation reports conducted here. A meeting has been scheduled with Prime Minister William Marlin and Ronald Plasterk during a visit by Prime Minister Marlin to Aruba where the matter will be further discussed.

Civil servants will be informed accordingly by the Council of Ministers on the next course of action to be taken.