Chevon Russell and Gordan Benjamin busted for Illegal entry

Chevon Russell, Left and Gordan Benjamin, Right Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News

Source: BVI Platinum News 

BVI — Two men pleaded guilty for illegally entering the British Virgin Islands in an appearance before Magistrate Tamia Richards at the Magistrate’s Court yesterday, January 30.

Chevon Russel, 36, of Jamaica and Gordon Benjamin, 25, of Guyana, both currently residing in Sint Maarten, were noted to have entered the Territory on a friend’s boat for recreational purposes.

According to their lawyer, Mrs. Valerie Stephens-Gordon, Russell who was married to a BVIslander and lived in the BVI before, brought his brother-in-law, Benjamin, to “see the place and show him around.”

Details of the matter revealed that sometime between January 20th and 25th, both men departed Sint Maarten and arrived in Virgin Gorda, failing to report to any immigration outlet.

Following an anonymous tip, officers visited the waterfront on January 25th, and saw the defendants exiting Speedy’s ferry from Virgin Gorda.

They were then cautioned and arrested.

Following checks to their passports, no local immigration stamp signifying their entrance was noted.

Under mitigation, Mrs. Stephens-Gordon expressed remorse on the men’s behalf, adding that Russell is deeply sorry, as he knew that he had to go through immigration, as he regularly visited the Territory.

The court also heard from the crown that a ‘Wanted’ poster has been circulating for some time for Mr. Russell, for unrelated matters.

Both will be sentenced on February 21.