Searches in connection with “Cucumber” investigation

The three suspects in Cucumber case.


OVER THE BANK – In connection with the ongoing investigation into the interception at sea of more than 220 kilos of a drug-like substance perceived to be cocaine by the Dutch Royal Navy in collaboration with the Caribbean Coast Guard on Saturday, January 21, a number of searches were carried out on Sunday, January 22, and Tuesday, January 24, on the Dutch and French sides of St. Maarten.

Also, the three suspects on board of the boat on which the alleged drugs were transported have been detained.

The suspects are: D.J.C. from Venezuela, D.O.G.V. from St. Martin and L. R. from the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, the Prosecutor has prolonged their detention with 8 more days. D.J.C. and D.O.G.V. were led in front of the Judge of Instruction, who deemed their arrest lawful. The third suspect L.R. will appear in front of the Judge of Instruction on Wednesday, January 25. The three suspects are in restrictive custody. A fourth suspect in the case has also been heard.

In connection with the ongoing investigation, 3 house searches were conducted on the Dutch side on Sunday, January 22; Two in Cay Bay and one Cole Bay. On Tuesday, January 24, another two searches were held on the French side at a marina near Marigot, and a house in Marigot. During the searches documents and digital data carriers were seized.

The investigation code-named “Cucumber” is still in full swing and is led by the Prosecutor’s Office in close cooperation with the St. Maarten Police Force, the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard and the French Gendarmerie.