Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel helps clean up Philipsburg area



Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — Honorable Minister of VROMI, Christopher Emmanuel took the initiative and joined contracted cleaners in cleaning the Philipsburg area. He not only helped load trucks with clipped shrubs but also operated the lawnmower and drove the rubbish to the dump on the pond island.

Due to the tender for parcel 13 being postponed, the upkeep of the Philipsburg area has been neglected. The overgrown grass and palm trees were hampering the pedestrians and the traffic.

At the moment the Terms of Reference for district cleaning of parcel 13, the Philipsburg area, is under discussion by the Honorable Minister Emmanuel and the Department of Infrastructure Management.

Minister Emmanuel believes that Philipsburg sets the standard for the other districts and should always be in a superior state. Due to that, the Terms of Reference should display such as well. The new Terms of Reference will not only set a suitable budget for the area but also display more effective conditions for the contractor.

Sparkkle Services was contracted for the cleanup. They were assigned to trim the palms on Front and Back street and the grass on the Pondfill Road from the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten up to the Salt Pickers roundabout.

The Minister would like to stress that the upkeep of Country Sint Maarten is not only the job of the Government of Sint Maarten but also the citizens of Sint Maarten. Everyone should take pride in their space, surroundings and Island.

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