Minister of Justice Boasman outlines plans


PHILIPSBURG – Minister of Justice John Paul Raphael Boasman briefly outlined his plans for the New Year, by thanking Frans Richardson and the US party for the “confidence and trust that they put in me, to ask me to take on this awesome responsibility of the Justice Ministry.”

He mentioned that in the Prime Minister’s New Year wishes, he detailed the safety and justice aspects. The issues of justice, and the safety and security of the community and “our visitors has a very high priority.”

He also stressed being responsible citizens. “We have responsibilities and we have to live up to those responsibilities, and if we don’t live up to those responsibilities there should be consequences… Because we have to be careful that we don’t become a community where the illegalities become the norm, and it takes all of us. It’s not just the police, and the prosecutor. When the police and prosecutor get in the mix it is already too late,” he said.

“We have to develop back a sense of respect, responsibility towards ourselves and our fellow man. You should not cry wolf when those consequences come down, and so we have to refocus and it is all of our responsibility to do so. Also attention should be placed on prevention. It’s good to build a lot of prisons, and we need better facilities, but I think it is also even more important to try to keep people out of those facilities, especially our youngsters,” he continued.

“So we have to focus on ways and means that we do not lose any more of our youngsters, and especially our young males on the criminal part. The Ministry of Justice cannot do so alone. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of VSA, I hope to approach our colleagues so that we can come up with programs and projects,” he explained.

He advised to stop the “finger pointing,” be mindful of what is said, and focus on what needs to be worked on. The situation at the prison, and the police have his full attention. He intends to come up with a plan of approach as to what would be done with the crime situation within 60 days.