Inspection aircraft InselAir Aruba by DCA



ORANJESTAD, Aruba – The Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba (DCA) is conducting routine inspections on 4 of total 8 aircraft that InselAir Aruba currently has in operation.

To have 4 aircraft inspected simultaneously is not unusual. Inspections on 2 of the aircraft are being completed and the aircraft are scheduled to operate flights tomorrow morning.

Due to the recent implemented low-season schedule, only 2 flights of InselAir Aruba and 1 flight from InselAir Curaçao were affected by this event in the past 2 days, which InselAir naturally regrets.

All other flights from InselAir and InselAir Aruba were operated according to schedule. Since InselAir Aruba operates its aircraft according to the highest global safety and security standards, InselAir Aruba expects that the remaining 2 aircraft will be ready to operate flights shortly.