Gittens leaves community speechless



PHILIPSBURG – Training Professional International Firm (TPI) held their first free seminar in St. Maarten last night, January 7, at Divi Little Bay. The event was scheduled from 3:00pm to 6:00pm, however, the fiery, powerful messages gracefully forced keynote speaker Dr. Natasha Gittens to conclude closer to 8:00pm.

The room was packed with persons of diverse cultures, nationalities, government, professionals, young adults and community leaders. TPI surpassed its goals with 120 persons attending.

The seminar was based on Dr. Gittens’ new book “The Pie Philosophy.” She mesmerized the audience with her speaking style, personal life stories, readings from the book, coupled with intimate personal quotes.

Persons that attended the event had much to say:

“My life will be changed forever after tonight, no doing business as usual for me!”

“I admire that a person with so much success could be so transparent and show others her struggles. I learned that the impossible is only possible for me now.”

“I arrived at the seminar one person and I left somebody else. Dr. Gittens’ ability to take you through her life stories so openly is what drew my attention the most.”

“I didn’t plan to attend. A friend encouraged me to go. I only have one word to say. This event was a big WOW!”   

“My young boys and I attended. The seminar kept them focused the whole time, even the youngsters gained from this powerful experience.”

“I bought the book and I will read, learn and grow from it. I am so happy this woman came to the island and is empowering so many people. Thank God for that.”

Dr. Gittens stated in a press release: “I have nothing to hide in my life. If my life journey can assist others with becoming stronger, that is a blessing for me. Training Professionals International Firm (TPI) is committed to finding non-traditional ways to educate our Caribbean communities, one person at a time. Tonight, this seminar showcased that the community will support any business, institution or organization that is genuinely committed to supporting their advancement and that of their families as they make positive change to move forward in their lives.”

For more information on TPI, call: 526-2050/2052 or email: to order her book. Follow TPI on Instagram @ tpi_sxm.

To hire Dr. Gittens as a keynote speaker contact: Purchase books at both Van Dorp locations on January 10.