Enhanced Customer Care training high on TelEm list

TelEm Group Customer Care and Technical staff received professionally accredited certificates from Training Professional International Firm (TPI) President and CEO Dr. Natasha J. Gittens during presentation ceremony last Friday.


POND ISLAND – TelEm Group management say high-level training for customer care and other frontline personnel are high on the company’s list of priorities for this year, when many exciting new products and services will be rolling out for voice and data customers.

In order to prepare staff to better handle calls and visits from customers in the coming months, management sponsored a two-week training program that was specially customized for individual personnel needs by Training Professionals International Firm (TPI).

President and CEO of TPI, Dr. Natasha J. Gittens, said she was very pleased that TelEm Group chose her company for this specialized accredited training program, which features certified trainers and is of global value.

“I would like to encourage more organizations to model the impressive approach of TelEm Group by utilizing trainers available right here on St. Maarten who understand the DNA of our people instead of paying the expensive costs of bringing people in to train at equally high cost,” said Dr. Gittens.

According to TelEm Group Manager, Human Resources & Development Shadira Lont, Customer Care and technical staff have received extensive training over the years, however, this latest training program has followed a professional accreditation path that fits into the company’s profile of preparing personnel for a very busy year ahead.

“We want our staff to be well-equipped and more prepared than they presently are to handle their daily workloads professionally and efficiently in a sometimes stressful environment,” said Lont, following certificate presentation ceremony at the end of the training program last Friday.

“We have had some excellent feedback from the participants of the training all of whom were most impressed with the energy and enthusiasm shown by the program’s facilitator,” said Gittens.

“They have come away knowing they have to be personally accountable for their job performance, that they can work more effectively as a team and that they can better communicate not only within their own departments, but also throughout the company,” continued Lont.