2015 Deadly shooting in Rotterdam West due to drugs



~Rene “Kobie” Paul was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he got killed~

Rene “Kobie” Paul

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands – Last week the prosecutor in Rotterdam asked for 15 and 16-year jail sentences for two men, who were involved in a deadly shooting that took place in Rotterdam West.

On Mayor Meineszlaan, a man (Rene “Kobie” Paul) was slain in December 2015, and a second person (Geraldo Constanza Maloon) was seriously injured.

According to the Prosecutor, a drug rip deal was planned by the suspects, but it get out of hand. The men wanted to steal hemp from Maloon who is the occupant of the property. The Prosecutor said: “The couple needed drugs as soon as possible, and the predators were looking for easy prey.”

The occupant was the one who was seriously injured. The 39-year-old man (Kobie), who was killed, happened to be present in the home.

Ski mask

L-R Geraldo Constanza Maloon and Rene Kobie Paul

The defendants, Andre C. (24) and Jomarly B. (22) were in the immediate surroundings of the crime scene, where a baseball cap and a ski mask were found containing their DNA. The weapons that were used in the deadly armed robbery were found by divers in the water close to Essenburgsingel.

The two suspects knew each other from a gang in St. Maarten. Jomarly B. was still in his probationary period. He had served a sentence (four years in prison and youth-facility) for murder and two attempted murders, all committed on St. Maarten.

The third suspect, who was the driver, the prosecutor demanded six years in prison. The defendants have made partial confessions.

Source: http://www.rijnmond.nl/