World-renowned martial artist Rolles Gracie visits SXM



Professor Rolles Gracie
Professor Rolles Gracie

COLE BAY – Local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school SXM BJJ announced that Professor Rolles Gracie will be teaching a special seminar class for adults and teens age 14+ on Wednesday, December 7, at 6:00pm at SXM BJJ, #15 Wellington Road in Cole Bay.

He will also preside over SXM BJJ’s annual Winter Kids Graduation and Demonstration on Thursday, December 8, where students age 5-13 will demonstrate self-defense skills and practice live sparring in front of family members and friends.

Professor Rolles Gracie is a 4th degree Black Belt and son of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend Rolls Gracie (1951-1983). His father Rolls Gracie was one of the most important members of the Gracie family, and is considered to be the father of modern Jiu Jitsu by incorporating cross training in various martial arts, including Freestyle, Greco Roman Wrestling, Sambo, and Judo.

Rolles was born into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s royal family. Not only did his Grandfather Carlos Gracie create the Art, but his father and many uncles pioneered the art into a sport and what is known today as Mixed Martial Arts. Rolles himself is also a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), having fought in the UFC, IFL (International Fight League), Art of War, ONE FC and World Series of Fighting.

“It is a great honor for St. Maarten to host such a world-renowned martial artist and member of the Gracie family. Many adult athletes will be promoted to new belts on Wednesday and kids up to age 13 will receive promotions on Thursday,” a release said.

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