Father acquitted of sex with daughter

Sjamira Roseburg from Peterson and Sulvaran law office


Source Today Newspaper

GREAT BAY – The Court in First Instance acquitted a 42-year old local man of having had sex with his then 15-year old daughter almost four years ago. To protect the identity of the (potential) victim this Today Newspaper does not publish the name of the father either.

The sexual contacts between father and daughter allegedly took place in the beginning of 2013. While the girl filed a complaint against her father, investigators did not manage to hear her and others as a witness.

“All the dossier contains is the complaint,” the prosecutor said. “There is no reason to doubt its contents, but there is no supporting evidence. Therefor there is insufficient conviction for demanding a sentence.”

However, the prosecutor added, “this does not mean that I am saying these things did not happen. There are indications that this father had sex with his daughter.”

Attorney Sjamira Roseburg told the court that her client wants to put the story that played out “3 years and 8 months ago” behind him. “We cannot do anything with indications in criminal law,” she said. “There had to be proof and it this case it just is not there. We have to establish that my client is innocent and that he has to be acquitted.”

The judge followed the prosecutor’s demand for an acquittal for lack of evidence. “The daughter is in a bad situation,” he noted. “If this is not true than she is having some serious psychological problems.”