Warm welcome in Curaçao for Minister Bassil

moments during the official dinner for visiting Lebanese Minister Bassil.


WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – The Lebanese community in Curaçao hosted last Thursday night, November 24, an official dinner to honor the presence of Minister of Exterior Affairs and Emigration of Lebanon Jebran Jergi Bassil.

The evening was opened by Master of Ceremony Amin Ali Hammoud, who expressed the gratitude of the Lebanese community in Curaçao for the official visit in Curaçao where the Lebanese community has completely integrated.

Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles, also from Lebanese descent Emily de Jongh Elhage, said that as a proud “yu di Kòrsou” she was honored last year to had experienced, invited by Minister Bassil, a gathering including Lebanese descents from all over the world. The main purpose of the gathering was to form collaborations and friendships for the benefit of all.

Honorary consul of Lebanon in Curaçao Abdul Salam Denaoui expressed his gratitude to King Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima for the fact that the Lebanese community can stay, work and live in peace in this special part of the Dutch Kingdom, Curaçao.

“Lebanese people with time integrated in the Curaçao society and the result of this is that large part of Lebanese descendants, born in Curaçao, became prominent in this community in different functions. This is the best example of how the Lebanese community is feeling as part of this blessed island Curaçao,” Denaoui said.

Visiting Minister of Exterior Affairs and Emigration of Lebanon Jebran Jergi Bassil expressed his gratitude for his Curaçao experience and informed that he is currently working to make it possible for people of Lebanese descent to get a Lebanese passport in addition to their Dutch passport.

Minister Bassil was also honored with presents from the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce, the Lebanese community in Curaçao and author Hilda de Windt Ayoubi who translated the work of Lebanese philosopher Khalil Gibran in Papiamentu.

This official dinner was organized by a committee formed by Honorary Consul Denaoui together with Jean Fayad, Yak Baroud, Gassan Denaoui, Amin Ali Hammoud, Ahmat Chalabi and M. Mousa.