UTS: New numbers, new services for Statia


SINT EUSTATIUS – Customers of UTS’ Chippie mobile service in St. Eustatius are invited to visit Gem Enterprises for a free SIM card upgrade. The upgraded SIM card will give access to faster mobile internet service, which the company will offer under its Chippie mobile brand in St. Eustatius in the near future.

New numbers, faster service

The company has introduced a new range of numbers with which it will provide 4G LTE and 3G+ mobile internet services. The new numbers will start with 319 instead of the existing 318 numbers.

“We have been assigned this new range of numbers by the regulator for use of our 4G LTE services. Our team members at Gem Enterprises will make sure to match the three last digits of the old Chippie number to make the adjustment as smooth as possible.

They will even be available on Sunday, November 20, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm for those who miss the opportunity to come in during the week. The old Chippie numbers will continue to work for several weeks, to allow you to gradually inform all your contacts about your new phone number. After some time our 318 numbers will be phased out, to be replaced by the new 319 number range.

We realize this means an adjustment for our customers and are appreciative of the customers who have been loyal Chippie customer throughout the year,” said UTS Marketing and Communications Officer Ivy Lambert.

“Now that we are ready to offer enhanced service, we want to be sure to show our appreciation as well. The SIM card upgrades are free for all our St. Eustatius customers and our prepaid customers will get $21 chippie prepaid credit. Our postpaid customers will also get their upgrade free and a surprise gift with upgrade.

We truly appreciate the loyalty of our valued customers of St. Eustatius and we look forward to continuing to serve the island with even better, faster service. With the support of a strong partner, Gem Enterprises, we aim to provide the island with smooth, seamless service,” Lambert continued.

Faster Mobile internet

With the introduction of 4G LTE mobile internet customers can look forward to mobile internet speeds of over 10 Megabytes per second. Online video streaming and other rich-content services can be easily and seamlessly accessed. In addition to the 4G LTE technology, the company has also invested in 3G+ technology.

“This service also offers significantly faster mobile internet service to those customers who may not have a 4G LTE capable device yet,” Lambert stated. After they’ve upgraded, Statia Chippie customers can also look forward to traveling to the other islands where Chippie offers 3G+ and 4G LTE services with continued and uninterrupted use of their mobile internet service.

4G LTE and new plans

The introduction of 4G LTE service will also coincide with the introduction of new bundle packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers of Statia. Customers upgrading will enjoy increased savings and unmatched flexibility with the introduction of new bundle plans.

The new bundles combine the three staples of mobile service into one attractive package: mobile internet, minutes and SMS. More information on the new plans and their many advantages will be released in the coming weeks.