TelEm attracts youth attention at Career & Study Fair



BELAIR – The opportunities of building a technical career at TelEm Group was amongst the talking points of the St. Maarten Career and Study Fair, held at the Belair Community Center, November 2.

TelEm Group personnel were on hand at the Belair Community Center recently for the annual St. Maarten Career and Study Fair, which took place November 2. Each year, the Career and Study Fair brings together hundreds of school children from secondary schools around the island, to exchange ideas and obtain information with the island’s leading private and public sector companies.

The information is especially important to the students when making their choice for which university or college they will attend and what they can expect as a course of study, so that they can achieve their own career goals.

Information from TelEm Group was provided by resource persons: Elroy Hughes, David Evans, Donald Rombley, Reuben Stevens, Sabrina Gourdet and Carmita Brooks.

According to Brooks, many questions were asked and many answers were given, with a great number of students showing keen interest in a career in the telecommunications industry.

“A lot of the students wanted to know about the different divisions of TelEm Group with specific questions about the activities and tasks that take place in these divisions,” said Brooks.

“We are looking at the next generation of TelEm Group workers, so we did our best to give them as much information as we could so that they can make their own informed decisions about where they want to go and what they want to pursue as a future career,” explained Brooks, who also gave information about the old days of working at the company’s forerunner, Landsradio, and about the old technologies such as Telex and cablegrams, that existed at the time.

She thanked management of TelEm Group for allowing staff to participate in the Career and Study Fair and her colleagues for collaborating on a satisfying and worthwhile project.

(Photo by Carmita Brooks)