Restricted area for Marine Traffic on November 13 in Great Bay for Air Show



POINT BLANCHE – The Maritime Department of Port St. Maarten, hereby makes known that there will be a restricted area in Great Bay for marine traffic called the DANGER AREA on Sunday, November 13.

The restricted area is where the Princess Juliana International Airport sponsored air show scheduled for Sunday, November 13 from 3.00PM to 5.00PM approximately will take place.

The DANGER AREA is restricted for vessels not participating with the event or safety thereof to be in that area.

For vessels regularly anchored or on a mooring, your cooperation for having the area clear is appreciated for the aforementioned timeframe and on the day of the event on Sunday.

The southern and eastern sides will be marked with orange floats.  Maritime vessels are to stay south and east of these.

The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard and Port St. Maarten vessels will be on hand to assist keeping vessels clear of the DANGER AREA.

The Maritime Department of Port St. Maarten thanks everybody for their cooperation.