“Reach Out Speak Out” Sunset Walk



PHILIPSBURG – Safe Haven in collaboration with the Elektralyets Foundation presented their “Reach Out Speak Out” Sunset Walk against Domestic Violence for women and girls on November 25.

Elektralyets Foundation President Mercedes van der Waals-Wyatt was approached by Safe Haven as a community mobilizer to help with awareness activities and events against Domestic Violence Campaigns for Safe Haven.

“I wanted to do something different and innovative to get the attention of persons in our community to realize that women are suffering every day. Coming up with the concept for a sunset walk and our campaign slogan ‘Reach Out Speak Out’ with the color orange and purple depicting the sun, the energy, and light and powerful building pillars that women and girls represent to the community of St. Maarten. International Domestic Violence Day against women and girls is orange and purple, which is the color of Domestic Violence,” said Cassandra Richardson, new Executive Director of Safe Haven.

“The walk will be a great way to commemorate the UN’s sanction of that day as the day where, internationally, violence against girls and women is brought to light and the issues that girls and women face through domestic violence are reflected upon,” Richardson continued.

Participants will receive a free t-shirt for the walk. Some 200 shirts will be distributed. The meeting place will be at Le Grand Marché parking lot at 3:45pm. T-shirts will be distributed on a “first come first serve” basis.

The route of the walk is: Le Grand Marché, the mother-child statue at the Bush Road roundabout, AJC Brower Road and on to Look Out Point at Harold Jack. Look Out Point will be lit in orange and purple sponsored by Renttasound representative Arthur Hunt.

The Caribbean Eagles St. Maarten Club will also participate in this event with a motorcade of bikers.

There will be a ceremony and drinks and light snacks will be distributed to participants.

“We are making a call to women, girls, men and boys to please come and join us on November 25, which is International Day of Domestic Violence against women and girls at the Grand Marché and participate in this first-time event. We are asking for the community at large to come out and support this movement, and let’s help eradicate Domestic Violence in St. Maarten by reaching out and speaking out against Domestic Violence,” Richardson concluded.

For more information contact van der Waals-Wyatt at 523-7418 or email: elektravoltage@hotmail.com.