Police Report: Issues surrounding the 911 emergency line have been resolved.



911 operational

PHILIPSBURG:  KPSM will like to inform the general public that the technical issues surrounding the 911 emergency line have been resolved.

Female victims

PHILIPSBURG: In two unrelated instances female victims were robbed by bandits on scooters. One took place on the Rhine road in Mullet Bay at approximately 19.45 pm (quarter to eight) and the second victim was robbed at approximately 20.00 pm (eight o’clock) at her place of work located at her Place of work (Robbery’s Lottery). In both instances an undisclosed amount of money was taken. Detectives are busy with the details surrounding these two separate cases.

Chinese supermarket robbed

PHILIPSBURG: On Wednesday, November 16 2016, at approximately 01.15 pm (One fifteen) in the afternoon a Chinese supermarket located on the Ginger road was robbed by an assailant wielding machete. No one was hurt during this incident. Detectives are busy investigating this robbery.

CPOs prepare to introduce Cops & Kids to Schools

PHILIPSBURG–Community Police Officers (S. Carty, S. Crispulo & E. Josepha) in collaboration with School Inspector Priscilla S. Bell, M.A.Ed., met with the School Managers or their representatives from Philipsburg (Oranje, Sr. Borgia, St. Joseph, Marie G. de Weever) and Cay Hill (Asha Stevens & LU) and the Seventh Day Adventist School in preparation for the start of the Cops & Kids program.  Meetings have already been held with the Leonald Connor & CIA schools.  During the course of the meeting, the goals and objectives of the program were explained.  School Boards had been updated in October on the progress of the pilot program and the plans for this school year.
The Cops & Kids program which is designed for the students of Group 8/Grade 6, had been piloted in the previous school year when the exam candidates had concluded their FBE Exit Examinations.
The core of the program is to bridge the gap between school aged citizens and the Sint Maarten Police Department, through structured interaction with the Community Police Officers.  The desired outcome is that because of the rapport between these two parties, the student conflict in and out of school will begin to decline.