LOL announces video auditions for Youth Extravaganza 2017 



PHILIPSBURG – Laugh out Loud Productions (LOL) is hosting the 2017 Youth Extravaganza for next year’s carnival season.

The organization has been organizing events on St. Maarten for the past 14 years. The group decided to open auditions for next year’s event to give upcoming performers a chance to be part of their own show, according to a statement from the group on Sunday.

“We give performers a chance to develop their craft by performing during many of our events. It is with this mind-set that we continue to give the public the best youth entertainment the island has to offer,” said LOL Public Relations officer John Nebenson.

Youth Extravaganza has been one of the biggest youth shows during the carnival season in the past, and LOL would like to bring back that trend by organizing a quality show filled with only the best and upcoming talent. Interested parties can send a one-minute video motivating their reason behind auditioning.

Interested parties have from Monday, November 28, to February 15, 2017. LOL will announce its line up early to ensure that there is enough time to promote the April 24, 2017 show.

Videos can be sent to LOL’s Facebook page: LaughOut Loud and prospective performers should remember to keep it youth-oriented.

“We are also happy to announce that we have an under 12 category for children who love to sing for next year’s show. Children who love to sing can send their audition video to our face book page. Youth Extravaganza should be a show that includes all type of youth and not just a selected few,” stated Nebenson.

Young Entertainers generally dream about the big stage and wish to express their respective talent to a wide range audience. This makes the village, the perfect platform for these youngsters to soar and make a big impact. Information about the show can be obtained by calling, 17215228329 or 17215869251.

LOL decided to do the show as a competition and plans to have Best Singer, Best Youth DJ, Best Dance Group, Best Youth Rap Artist and Best Youth Singer in the Under 12 category. What makes the competition different from the rest is that the audience will decide the winner of each category.

The entertainment group believes that young people should have a say in shows that involves their peers. The group has always been a firm believer that young people continue to be the future of any society and is never too early to start believing in them.