Emotional outburst in court



Source Today Newspaper

GREAT BAY – That the Court in first Instance postponed the handling of the case against Randy Anthony Joseph from Wednesday November 23 to December 7, led to an emotional outburst by one of his victims, Lorine M. she becried the deliberations about a psychiatric evaluation of the defendant, saying she had lost everything, before storming out of the courtroom.

On May 18 of this year, police intervened at an incident on Tassel Road, where Randy J. had an argument with Ch.M.B.

When Lorine M. arrived at the scene around 5.30 p.m., Randy J. ordered her to get out of her car and when she refused, he dragged her out, beat her with his fists and stabbed her in the stomach with a pair of scissors, before taking off with her car.

The police report at the time spoke of “a possibly disturbed man.”

The summons against the defendant became public on Wednesday November 23. It shows that he caused Lorine M. a broken jaw bone, a broken eye socket and a stab wound to her belly.

On the same location, Randy J. pierced several tires of the car of Ch.M.B., threw a stone through the window of his home, drove with the car he stole from Lorine M. against a fence belonging to C.B.B. and hit a car belonging to T.D.S. He also made an attempt to cause grievous bodily harm to Ch.M.B. by making stabbing movements in his direction with a pair of scissors.

Attempts to obtain a psychiatric report about the defendant have failed so far, because there is an issue with financing. According to the court, the finance ministry is working on a solution, but that could take until January of February of next year.

The defendant’s attorney Safira Ibrahim did not want to wait that long, so the trial was moved to December 7, whereby the defense foregoes its request for the psychiatric evaluation.