Another police car taken on joyride by detainee in handcuffs



MADAME ESTATE – In the early morning hours of Saturday, November 19, police arrested two men for drug possession.

When one of the officers put one of the suspects, who was already shackled, in the police car, he managed to maneuver through the same small space between the back and front seats and took the police car on a joyride.

The suspect lost control of the police vehicle on Mount William Hill, and then took off on foot. The following morning, Police gathered information on who the suspect was and managed to arrest him at his home in Pointe Blanche.

This is the second time a police car was taken for a joyride by suspects who had been handcuffed inside the vehicle. The first time was when the notorious “Blondie” managed to commandeer the police vehicle, and took it for a wild ride in Cole Bay. The space between the back and front seats is a safety issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible before it costs an officer or civilian their life.

Meanwhile, police issued this press release Monday, November 21, but did not give full details on what exactly occurred that morning. See below for the press release.

Police Report Novemeber 21:

Two men arrested 

PHILIPSBURG – Early Saturday morning, November 19, at approximately 2:00am, the police patrol arrested two men with initials H.F.M. and J.A.P. in the area of the zoo on the Arch Road.

One of the suspects had just been recently released from prison. They were arrested for possession of an illegal narcotic and for joyriding. They are presently being held in preventive custody pending further investigation.