Successful turnout at Zoo’s World Animal Day Celebration


PHILIPSBURG – Although, the official holiday for World Animal Day was on October 4, the St. Maarten Zoological & Botanical Garden Foundation, in collaboration with St. Maarten Zoo Management, commemorated World Animal Day last Sunday, October 2, with a family fun day celebration.

“The St. Maarten Zoo believes that pets and animals should receive special treatment all year round but on this day in particular, we celebrate animal life in all its forms. The Zoo’s event began at 10:00am, where families were able to gain admission to the St. Maarten Zoo at a special reduced promotional rate. This special day brought families together from near and far. The day was filled with both laughter and relaxation, with children and parents alike educating themselves on the flora and fauna found on our island and in the region,” a Zoo press release stated.

“The upgrade of the premises’ canteen, and “Monkey Bar” has made it possible for families to enjoy delicious meals at the Zoo. Besides enjoying and interacting with our animals such as the guinea pigs and ferrets, children cooled themselves down in our water sprinkler park and Lazy Lizard pond,” the release continued.

“The St. Maarten Zoo is hereby requesting that the community of St. Maarten continue sharing love for our animals. It is important to show compassion and spread love not only for World Animal Day, but every single day. It is essential for our pets and wild animals to feed off our positive energy.  It’s our responsibility to ensure that they are safe and well-taken care of. The St. Maarten Zoo is open daily from 10:00am to 5:00pm, so please be sure to come on by!” the release concluded.