Serious car accident allegedly involves intoxicated off-duty French lawman

The moment they was tacking the victim with the broken leg out of the car.

MONT VALOIS, Saint Martin — On Saturday, October 29, right after 7:00pm a red Hyundai Tucson with French number plates 0422-AAC collided into the rear of two other vehicles causing major damage to them.

Gendarmerie Commandant Sébastien Manzoni Photo Le Pelican
Gendarmerie Commandant Sébastien Manzoni Photo Le Pelican

According to Gendarmerie Commandant Sébastien Manzoni, “The Gendarme was off-duty in his private car the moment the accident took place.”

The Tucson hit crashed into a gray Nissan with French plates 3904-AAB for that one to hit a white Suzuki with Dutch plates M-9376.

This accident happened at Mont Valois. According to reports coming to our newsroom, the French ambulance transported the victim, who was sitting in the gray Nissan 3904-AAB to the French hospital for further treatment.

accident-mont-valios-012Commandant Manzoni confirmed to 721news that one passenger of another car had sustained a broken leg.

Reports are that when the accident took place, the driver – a Caucasian French man – was heavily intoxicated. Commandant Manzoni also confirmed to 721news that, “due to the behavior of the driver, we were convinced that the presence of alcohol was in his system.”

He further told our newsroom, “The balloon is useless for the investigation. This is a help. Only the electronic measure at the police station can give the real rate, and of course it was done.” This then explains why the driver was moved so quickly to the police station. It was to perform the electronic test to measure his level of intoxication.

accident-mont-valios-008When 721news asked Commandant Monzoni what will happen to the driver, he explained that he was personally at the scene of the accident, and explained to witnesses there what the procedure will be. However, to make sure that clear information is given to the public, he stated that as soon as the driver has a medical checkup, a regular investigation will start under the authority and supervision of the French prosecutor.

Commandant Monzoni wanted to assure the general public that everything will be transparent and nothing will be hidden during this investigation. He also said that this is a normal traffic accident investigation, and the only thing that makes this case slightly unique is that a law enforcement officer was involved.

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