~ This major event is being coordinated by the Elektralyets and Positive Foundation. ~

We are asking all participants to please to adhere to the rules for the own safety as per our permit persons are not allowed to begin the event before 6am this would be highly appreciated.

Sponsors have gone all out this year as they support this Walk, Run and Cycle -ton this year for Pink Phit Phabulous.
Mrs. Susy Maidwell- Piscione has been a great assistance this year to help with this major event.
Participants can get their t-shirts and other goodies for FREE as long as they participate in the event.
ICWI insurance company of the West Indies was very happy to sponsor this event and has sponsored in a great way to provide all participants with Free Tshirts and other goodies. Manrique Capriles will keep the participants fully equipped with Backpacks, water bottles and Neutrogena mini towels to aid them through the route.  Divico will be supplying a variety of Food items and drinks for the participants at the end of the walk. Pastries and fruits will also be distributed at the end of the event.
There will be four water and orange slice stations along the route for the participants as well.
The route of Pink Phit Phabulous is as follows:
 Starting in the parking lot opposite Central Bank in Philipsburg
route: Pondfill Road, past Manrique Capriles Long Wall Road, Link 1, Link 2, Union Road past Divico, Causeway Bridge, Kimsha Beach.
We are urging everybody to come out and support this event. The items will be distributed on a first come first serve basis in an orderly fashion.1 item per person as long as supplies last.

Make it a family Affair, BFF Affair, company affair, or just a group affair.  Be Breast Aware!
Feel It, Find it, Fight it!

Join the PINK PHIT Phabulous Walk Run and cycle thon On October 16th.

Pink Phit Phabulous will be hosted on Sunday October 16.

Distribution of FREE goodies 5am to 5.55am

Departure 6am.

The most important message of this whole campaign is to GET CHECKED!
For more information contact: Mercedes “Elektra” van der Waals-Wyatt on 5237418 President of the Elektralyets Foundation or Shelly Alphonso President of the Positive Foundation on 5809658