Outgoing Tourism Minister hails accomplishments


PHILIPSBURG – Outgoing Tourism Minister Ingrid Arrindell has touted some events that she expects will boost the island’s tourism product and will attract visitors to the island.

At Wednesday’s, October 19, Council of Ministers press briefing, the Minister pointed to the World Series Poker Series Tournament that will be hosted in St. Maarten. “The island will be portrayed as the leading destination for gaming in the region. The event will bring the most highly skilled poker players from around the world to participate in the most prestigious poker tournament in the world, Caribbean edition,” she said. She added that the funds allocated by the government for this event will be used to market the event and the island.

Another event the Minister spoke about was the St. Maarten Music Festival, which started this year and attracted some 2,000 visitors to the island. She also called for a continuation of Carnival and the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, which will help attract tourists to the island.

Meanwhile, aside from events tourism, Minister Arrindell spoke highly of her other accomplishments, including the negotiations to attract more tourists from Canada and South America. She listed her close working relationship with the St. Marten Hotel and Trade Association (SHTA) in helping to bring the marketing of the island back on track.

She spoke of a private/public initiative, which started in May and ends this month to improve online bookings to St. Maarten.