NIPA goes pink with breast cancer survivor Marcelina Loblack


CAY HILL – On October 28, the National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) Student Council of the day group, held a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser, where students, teachers and staff, who wore pink or pink accessories, donated a dollar to support the cause.

The money, which was collected, was donated to the Still Beautiful Foundation. The founder of the foundation Marcelina Loblack, who is a breast cancer survivor, was invited to share her journey and some information on breast cancer.

Loblack’s main goal with her foundation is providing care and motivation for cancer patients throughout their journey. She gave a brief speech about her experience during her trying times, and explained that the bright side about her journey is that she had a great support team, starting with her son right down to her friends. She stated that she supports women, who have to undergo surgery to remove their breast and want to get reconstructive surgery, so they can feel good about themselves, and not like less of a woman.

She indicated that there are several synthetic options that can be used in the meantime, that are quite innovative and natural in comparison to traditional synthetic breasts that are made of sand. In this day and age, one would not be able to tell the difference between the real and synthetic, as they are available for every occasion, from the beach to a gala.

Loblack also stated that there is an increase in breast cancer among younger women around the world. A mammogram is normally performed at the age of 50, but due to the increase, it has been changed to age 35. She explained the importance of being informed and getting checked or doing monthly self-examinations.

She also informed the group that men can also get breast cancer. She is determined not to be silent about breast cancer, and encouraged students not to be either. Her sole purpose is to educate and inform men and women about cancer, and how to detect it early in order to start treatment in a timely manner.

She encouraged students that if they find out that they or anyone they know has breast cancer, to be positive and not “mourn because negativity feeds off negativity.” Fight and be strong, was the message she sent out.

The donation to the Still Beautiful Foundation will help it to continue its work promoting breast cancer awareness on St. Maarten and sister islands.