Major aviation conference held on St. Maarten in 2017

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SIMPSON BAY – The Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) will host the Caribbean Aviation Meetup conference June 13-15, 2017.

The Caribbean Aviation Meet-up is a results-oriented platform for communication between the various stakeholders in the aviation, tourism and investment industries. The event will focus on needed changes for improved airlift in the Caribbean and on its positive impact on tourism and economy.

“We are delighted that we could secure that the conference will be held on St. Maarten in 2017,” said Deputy Managing Director of PJIA Larry Donker.

Airlift is vital to tourism and tourism is vital to the economies in the entire Caribbean region. The program of the Caribbean Aviation Meetup will offer the participants a wide range of sessions that are pertinent to airlift issues and challenges and are in correlation with the interests of the tourism and hospitality industry.

The program includes topics such as regional airlines, route development, airport development, airlift impact on tourism and economy, investment considerations, trends in regional travel and tourism, innovation of product, service and infrastructure, as well as tourism product development.

“The conference is an asset on the event calendar for St. Maarten in the low season period. The event will not only help profiling St. Maarten as a destination, but also serve our seven hub-partners in the region,” commented PJIA’s Marketing & Customer Service Manager Suzy Kartokromo.

“We will be able to acquire valuable feedback and information from the expert speakers and other professionals who will attend the conference. Last but not least, the event will give St. Maarten and SXM Airport ample media exposure, since we will have a line-up of independent journalist who routinely contribute to 37 international media outlets.”

The Meetup conference differs from most other events, because it puts the emphasis on experience exchange, interaction and participation, rather than on listening to speakers’ or company’s achievements. It is the perfect opportunity for face-to-face business discussions and comprehensive group opinion exchanges on sector-specific topics. The result is a proactive platform upon which successful networking can be built. It will provide impulses for new business developments and industry investments.