Calypsonians have till Dec. 1 to submit music sheets


PHILIPSBURG – RAW Promotions Foundation, the entity charged with organizing the 2017 Nagico Calypso competition, met with the 23 calypsonians who signed up to participate in the 2017 Nagico Calypso competition on Friday evening, October 14, in the A. C. Wathey Legislative hall, where the Calypsonians were informed of the developments of the competition.

Important to note is that the deadline for the Calypsonians to have their music sheets delivered to the accompanying band is Thursday, December 1. The band that will accompany the calypsonians in the 2017 NAGICO calypso competition is “D Orchestra” under the direction of Neville “Fatts” James.

In order to begin rehearsals in early January 2017, the band must be in possession of the music sheets of all calypsonians, with the exception of Shakira, the 2016 Monarch, who will not be participating in the eliminations.

The Monarch automatically advances to the finals and sings in the number 11 spot, after the 10 who have passed eliminations and made it to the finals.

The Calypsonians were also informed of the dates and venues of the Calypso tents to be held in February and March 2017, and the Calypso eliminations.

Lastly, they were enlightened on some of the ways that Nagico intends to create exposure for the three top winners of the competition.

The Calypsonians are in high spirits and are eager to grace the stage and present their 2017 tunes, which are still unknown to the general public.

RAW Promotions Foundation and Nagico, the main sponsor of the calypso competition are certain that the 2017 calypso competition will be one with lots of surprises and excitement, particularly after an election year. No one is guaranteed to be spared from being the topic of the calypsonians tunes.

President of the SCDF Alston Lourens and SCDF coordinator for the calypso shows Eduardo Radjouki were present at the meeting to offer SCDF’s support of RAW Promotions Foundation in its first opportunity to organize the Nagico Calypso competition.

RAW repeated it bulletin to all calypsonians signed up for the 2017 Nagico Calypso competition to have their music sheets delivered to the accompanying band, D Orchestra, no later than Thursday, December 1.