23 Calypsonians registered for 2017 Nagico Calypso competition


PHILIPSBURG – RAW Promotions Foundation, the entity charged with organizing the 2017 Nagico Calypso Competition, announced that several newcomers, and some who have been away from the Calypso stage are coming back, while many familiar faces will be competing in the upcoming competition next year.

King Repeater, The Mighty Carlix, King T-Mo, Mighty Dando, The Mighty Magic and Ricky The Phox are back after, in some cases, a lengthy absence from competition.

Sheera, Doctor Ray and Lady Righteous are new to the Calypso arena, and will have to contend with veterans such as Fish The Mega Boss, Chipman, The Mighty Pepper, Kaiso Brat, King Beau Beau and Young Carlix The Protege, just to name a few.

Empress Zee, who is making another attempt to have the calypso crown placed on a female’s head, in this case her own, is back in the arena, looking to extend the reign of the females.

Nagico, the main sponsor of the Calypso Competitions for over 10 years, is on board for the 2017 competition and is also eager to see the level of the calypso competition improved.

For this reason, organizers are inviting all calypsonians who have registered for the 2017 Nagico Calypso competition to a meeting on Friday, October 14, in the A.C. Wathey Legislative Hall at 7:30pm sharp.

In this meeting the calypsonians will be informed of the plans organizers have for the competition and for calypso in general.