UTS introduces flexible prepaid bundles


PHILIPSBURGNew packages, bigger savings: Prepaid mobile customers of UTS will now be able to enjoy increased savings and unmatched flexibility with the introduction of Chippie Prepaid bundles. The new bundles combine the three staples of mobile service into one attractive package: mobile internet, minutes and SMS. No contract, paperwork or commitment is needed. The customer can choose how much or little of each component they need and activate a bundle by SMS anywhere, anytime. Chippie prepaid customers can choose from 6 bundle packages, starting as low as $2.99.

Check balance and buy more anytime

When the bundle of minutes or mobile internet runs out, there are add-on packages, which give the option to add more minutes or mobile internet for continued savings. This can be done by SMS at any time. This gives the flexibility to adjust the amount you use whenever you want. A very useful tool that will remain available is the fact that Chippie customers can check their remaining bundle balances with a simple, free SMS. They can SMS keyword BUNDLE VAL to 3636 and they will get a message response confirming the remaining balances.

The ease of pay-as-you go

Another new change is that customers’ service will continue working, even when their bundle has been depleted, as long as they still have prepaid credit. Once a bundle of minutes, SMS or mobile internet has been entirely used up, customers will be able to continue using their phone as usual, but on a pay-as-you go basis. This means that they will pay for their calls per minute and for mobile data per megabyte. This usage would be deducted from the prepaid balance. “The new plans are available as of today and will bring its customers more of everything. More flexibility, more savings, more control, more options,” said UTS Marketing and Communication Officer Ivy Lambert. “In a nutshell, more bang for their buck. The plans unite minutes, mobile internet and SMS to offer prepaid customers a zero-commitment way to obtain the best possible rate for all three of the staples of mobile service,” Lambert continued.

The customer in control

“The simplicity and transparency of the plans is what makes them so attractive. Customers can choose a combination of minutes, texts and mobile internet based on what they expect to use. They can also check how much they have used so far at any given time by sending a simple SMS to check their balance. This puts the customer in complete control of their mobile expenses. If they need more minutes or mobile internet than they expected, they can always add additional if needed as well, which makes our plans the most flexible to date. Our new plans will truly change the way the customer experiences prepaid service on St. Maarten,” stated Lambert. “You choose the bundle that best suits you. This concept is in line with our vision as a company, which is to connect our customer to the things that are important to them. The bundles are an example of our commitment to our customer. With 6 flexible cost saving plans to choose from and the optional add-ons, we have a plan to suit your needs. Whether you’re constantly talking on the phone, conducting your business on the go or constantly uploading clips and pictures to your social feeds, we’ve got the right fit,” Lambert explained.

One-time activation

Before Chippie customers can make use of the service, a one-time free activation is needed. “We ask that you notify us that you’d like the bundles to be made available on your prepaid number. You can let us know in various ways. Customers can call us at +1(721) 588-1010, email us at infosxm@uts.sx, send us a Facebook message at UTS EC or of course visit our customer service agents at our UTS stores. Philipsburg and Cole Bay for our customers with a Dutch side telephone number and our Marigot store for our customers with a French side number. We will make the bundles available to your number and also provide the activation instructions and other details,” Lambert continued.

Available on both sides of the island

“The new plans are available to standard Chippie prepaid customers of St. Maarten and St. Martin and the bundle minutes, SMS and mobile internet can be used on both sides of the island thanks to Chippie’s status as the only mobile operator with its own network on both sides of the island. New customers are also welcome to try the bundles because these plans will appeal to anyone interested in maximum flexibility and big savings on their mobile costs,” Lambert said. “The time to get more out of your mobile service is now! Our 4G LTE with its amazing speeds was already a big reason for many to switch, so with the introduction of our new bundles the time to make the switch to Chippie is definitely today!”