UP board questions accomplishments of Education Minister  


Philipsburg — “It is evident this current Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs has failed on all fronts and will continue to misuse this sector as her voter base,” said the UP Party Board.

“What has she done?” questioned the UP Party board.

“Teachers in public education pleaded for support and yet again the minister has delivered nothing tangible in results to improve the situation.”

Our schools remain in a deplorable state while the Minister herself came from within the ranks of Public Education. “Aren’t all of the public schools unfit to be operational due to the various conditions, based on reports from the Education inspectorate?” questioned the UP board.

Another apparent blunder of the Minister was her failure to execute fully her “education on the move” rally which was slated for August 26, 2016.

However, instead the Minister seems to be more concerned about an oath taking ceremony for teachers instead of truly addressing the issues.

“Another issue the minister flip flopped with was the extended school hours for public education which was an initiative she apparently took credit for. However on the eve of another parliamentary election the minister is worried about counting votes instead of implementing a well-structured plan,” the UP Party Board stated.

“The Minister also failed to bring a bus policy reflective of the reality of our education system, today. Instead politics was played and the livelihood of our people was put at risk,” the UP board added.

We firmly believe the Minister through self-reflection alone will come to the realization that she lacks the vision to make practical improvements within her ministry.