TelEm Group announces easy fix for self-block code issue!


pastedgraphic-2Pond Island – Some TelEm Group customers have been experiencing problems with the use of their landline phones to which a self-block code feature is attached.

The feature allows customers to prevent unauthorized use of business or residential phones. It also allows customers to block their business or residential phone from making local and/or international calls by using a 4 digit PIN code and a special digit code to activate and deactivate the blocking.

Customers have reported that they cannot make local or international calls because the call block feature is in activation mode since their numbers were transferred to a new Metaswitch last week.

TelEm Group says the problem can be easily resolved by customers themselves, if they have the feature activated and know the 4-digit PIN that goes with their self-block code feature.

To deactivate the Self-block feature:

1)    Dial *351 <Customer’s 4-digit PIN> #.

2)    HANG-UP, PICK-UP the receiver once again and then make all your calls.

To activate the Self-block feature follow this step:

1)    Dial *341


Call Barring MUST be Activated AFTER CALLING in order to once again block calls. More detailed barring options are available upon request.

If you have forgotten or do not have a PIN code.

Customers who have the Self-block feature, but do not have this feature activated, or who may have lost their 4-Digit Self-block PIN and are still unable to make local and international calls should follow these steps:

1)     Visit Customer Care or call the TelEm Group Helpdesk at Tel: 611 to order a new 4-Digit PIN code to Activate and Deactivate the Self-block feature as above.

2)     Receive information and instructions on how the self-block feature works on the new switch compared to how it worked on the old switch.