Prosecutor’s Office appeals Zeepaard and Sardine verdicts


OVER THE BANK – The Prosecutor’s Office has lodged an appeal against the verdicts of the Court in First Instance in the Zeepaard and Sardine investigations against former Member of Parliament, R.L. handed down on Wednesday, August 24.

R.L. was convicted by the Court of First Instance to a 1 month jail sentence, fully suspended for illegal firearms possession. The Court in First Instance acquitted R.L. of the charges of threat against former United People’s (UP) party Member of Parliament Jules James on June 11, 2012 and Isidore York on November 28.

The appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office is against the verdict of 1 month suspended jail sentence for illegal firearms possession and the acquittal for the two charges of threat. The Prosecutor’s Office had asked for a jail sentence of 1 year of which 6 months suspended, 80 hours of community service and a probation period of 2 years against R.L. for one charge of illegal firearms possession and two charges of threat.