Port St. Maarten and Ministry VROMI Resolve Rainwater Issue at Pedestrian Sidewalk near Bobby’s Marina

Photo showing the area where a resolution was found due to settling rainwater that presented challenges to pedestrians using the sidewalk.

PORT ST. MAARTEN – A collaborative effort between the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), and Port St. Maarten, led to the resolution of settling water on the sidewalk near Bobby’s Marina which is frequented by cruise passengers and pedestrians.

A solution was found where a trench was dug along the inside wall of Bobby’s Marina connecting to the channel near Chesterfields.  The aforementioned trench was also cleaned of debris.

Part of the rock wall was opened to allow the water to flow more freely and quickly into the new trench.  The trench floor will also be concreted for future maintenance.

The works have not been completed as yet due to inclement weather.