NIPA orientation for current and new students successful

Dr. Tasheena Maccow-Thomas, the new Adjunct Interim Director at NIPA.

CAY HILL – On September 1 and 2, NIPA opened its doors to approximately 125 new students and 120 returning students for a 2-day orientation specifically for day time students. The orientation for the night students was scheduled for September 5, however this was postponed due to the inclement weather, until further notice.

Day one started at 9:00am, with a heartfelt welcome from the new Interim Director Dr. Tasheena Maccow-Thomas, followed by an icebreaker hosted by Shameda Delaney-Weekes where students introduced themselves and shared what they believed in or find very important in life, things they do well, things they like to do and finally their hopes for the future.

The students then received an overview of what their schedules will look like as well as a map of the school, indicating class locations presented by Garfield Sargent. After that a presentation about goal setting was given by guest speakers Nicole Maccow, followed by Ramona Riley-Juan Pedro.

Students were able to hear a testimony from former student Candice Dobbs and received a stern talk about the importance of punctuality and attendance by Andrea Gipson-Paul, who is the job coach coordinator.

Day one ended with students filling out a survey on building steps to success, followed by a reflection of the day focusing on what was learned and what they found important.

Day two started with an introduction of core subjects by the instructors of the program. Instructors who spoke were: Conlan King (ICT), Alexander Adoptie (Hospitality and Cook), Renata de Weever (Cook), Paul Peterson (Hospitality), Pearl Arnell (Hospitality), Anuska Brown (Hospitality), Patricia Arrindell (Care), and Jacky Morris (Care).

Student rights and responsibilities were then covered followed by a literacy self-assessment questionnaire. Students then got a presentation on test-taking strategies and how to be successful at NIPA. A presentation on learning styles was given followed by the signing of educational agreements and the reception of learning outcomes. An activity on how words hurt people and cause irreparable damage, so bullying will not be tolerated at NIPA, was the last activity held for that day.

The 2-day orientation closed with a reflection of the day. Students shared opinions that the day was wonderful and the information shared during the two days will be very useful for their upcoming academic school year. They also indicated that they feel ready to start and successfully complete their programs.

NIPA thanked the guest speakers, all instructors, the students who gave testimonials, all staff and all students who contributed to making the orientation a success.