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~C-TEC goes multiplayer with gamification~

PHILIPSBURG – As the crucial dates approach, Foresee (4C) Foundation is gearing up for what promises to continue to be the most tech-heavy event on the island for the second year in a row.

For 2016 though, organizers have added a new component to the mix: games and gamification. As an initiative of a new 4C project team, FTW Gaming, the 2016 C-TEC conference will feature a special Game Corner where visitors can discover the history of video games, learn more about their role in technological history and explore how parents, students and educators can apply games to the learning process.

The Game Corner will provide both education and entertainment on the conference’s opening day, which is open to the public, with playable games on display and dynamic presentations aimed at showing that the video game industry isn’t child’s play; it’s serious business.

The first conference day, October 24, will see the FTW team inviting secondary school educators to discover more about a medium that is often a mystery to them. They’ll be introduced to educational video games that teach anything from physics to languages, as well as receive tips for incorporating these titles into their classroom activities.

For day two, which welcomes the primary school educators, the Game Corner will shift focus to youngster-approved games that provide a new and dynamic way for primary school-aged students to discover their deeper interests and technological savvy, using available online educational games and subject-specific software.

As a second-year treat for visitors, the Game Corner plans to take visitors on a journey into the constantly developing world of augmented and virtual reality and will help educators explore how they and their students can use this technology to improve their learning experiences both in and outside of the classroom.

Augmented reality has already found significant popularity on the island with the release of Pokémon GO, and the FTW team looks forward to welcoming all regular visitors (and Pokemon hunters) to the Game Corner, at C-TEC 2016.