Incident: Aruba A320 near Miami on Sep 19th 2016, dropped engine cowl


By Simon Hradecky,

An Aruba Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration P4-AAA performing flight AG-820 from Miami,FL (USA) to Aruba (Aruba), departed Miami’s runway 08R and was climbing out when the crew stopped the climb at FL220 after the outboard fan cowl had separated from the right hand engine (V2527).

The crew advised ATC it appeared an outboard panel on the right hand engine had blown away, they weren’t sure whether it had really detached, it wasn’t visible from the inside of the aircraft.

Everything was normal for now, as a precaution they decided to return to Miami. The aircraft landed safely on Miami’s runway 09 about 40 minutes after departure.

There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained damage to the engine, engine pylon, right main landing gear, right main landing gear door and right fuselage.

Source: More Pictures click here… The Aviation Herald